Bring on the Night

Packaging, VFX, Grading, Editing

Eristoff and MTV’s “Bring On The Night” is a 10-part TV comedy/drama series. The story follows an out-of-work event manager who teams up with a bunch of friends, forms a ‘wolf pack’ and bounces back into the scene by establishing a secret underground club at an abandoned venue and publicising it through social media and ham radio.

The series was a blend of great dramatic scenes, comic scenes, multiple plotlines, numerous points of view, music montage sequences and social media interfaces to further the plot, making it editorially very challenging.

Series Director

Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy


Shreyas Beltangdy, Chandrashekhar Parab

VFX Supervisor / Head Motion Graphics Designer / Colorist

Vijesh Rajan

Associate VFX Artists

Sahil Amin, Priyank Prem Kumar, Jit Mukherjee

Produced By

OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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