MTV Sound Trippin'

Packaging, VFX, Grading, Editing

Sound Trippin’ is a TV show that aired on MTV India, spanning two seasons. In the show, maverick Bollywood music producer Sneha Khanwalkar goes on a journey through the country to find undiscovered, mundane sounds and composes songs that captures the vibe of the region. Karsh Kale and DJ Nucleya continued the journey into Season 2. The show brought MTV India back to its roots, combining cutting edge editing, motion graphics and visual effects with original, high-octane fusion music.

Series Directors

Nishant Nayak, Misha Ghose, Samira Kanwar


Amit Shetty, Shreyas Beltangdy, Chandrashekhar Parab,
Sourya Sen, Prashant Oberai

VFX Supervisor / Head Motion Graphics Designer / Colorist

Vijesh Rajan

Associate VFX Artists

Aditya Tawde, Sahil Amin, Priyank Prem Kumar, Kiron John Kurien

Produced By

OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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